I beg your pardon? Can I easily update my WEB page online with my mobile phone?”
Yes, with the JOKER APP from us it is very simple and effective.
Everyone can do that!”
“And by the way, that works too, if you don’t have your WEB site from us!”
“Take care of your News , events, your changing Lunch table , menu and of course those news tickers!”
“You can then immediately post your lunch information on Facebook and Twitter – with one click . How does that sound to you?”
“Haven’t you been waiting for such easy handling for a long time? It is now so easy that you can and will do it too – yes yourself! You definitely don’t need anyone anymore ! Just do it yourself!”
“With the mobile phone take a picture and put it online immediately! You will surely do that anyway. The Joker app is child’s play and uses no computer skills whatsoever! You will love it!”

The KOMPASS | JOKER APP makes it possible!

  • No skills on the web or on the PC - no problem with the JOKER APP
  • Exchange the menu quickly - with the JOKER APP
  • Manage reservations quickly and easily - with the JOKER APP
  • Upload lunch immediately - with the JOKER APP
  • JOKER APP - The Lunch / Event Manager