Targeted, eye-catching advertising is particularly suitable for digital shop window advertising in retail, for service providers, for gastronomy – simply for anyone who wants to attract attention with their content. Screens are available in all sizes, brightness levels, for inside and outside.

The advantages of digital shop windows

The advantages of digital shop windows are numerous and pay off right from the start:

  • attractive presentation of prices, items, promotions
  • Changes are done in no time
  • Your visitors and customers will be greeted in an appealing way
  • Products and promotions can also be advertised
  • best perception, as moving advertising catches the eye
  • modern, multimedia presentation and representation
  • Personal information, even at the weekend someone “work” for your customers
  • Don’t be afraid to ask someone, because information is provided via intuitive operation
  • Changeable content without paper / easy organization in the back office
  • Information option even when staff is busy, customers stay and inform themselves
  • Easy transport of advertising messages
  • Intuitively supported selling


There is no more paper printed on, no more price lists exchangeddigital is simply trumps!


showcase software

Our shop window software can run on a PC with Windows but also on a screen with an Android operating system or an Android player. The Android solution is certainly the cheap start. We have software for single-user solutions but also for Cloud content based composite solutions.


What you need for software if you don’t want to do it with a USB stick:



  • Software for a screen, a digital signage display (with us usually as a monthly rent, starts with us e.g. at 24.00 EURO / month. We are priced in the lower mid-range and if If there are more screens, then of course the price will go down as well.
  • BackOffice for managing the screen, content and screen updates (monthly rental is possible here and there are of course volume scales).
  • Cloud storage space for the files and hosting the data. Here we offer packages that are based on memory requirements. 100 MB cloud storage space and 30 MB maximum file upload are included free of charge. That’s enough in most cases. If more storage space is required, then e.g. one gigabyte of storage costs EUR 4.00 per month. Data backup included.


One-time addition – as always with software, setup, instruction and training.


Our digital storefront screens, also known as digital signage screens, are displays or screens that are placed in retail store windows, in bars, in restaurants, in insurance offices, real estate offices, etc. to display visual content and advertising. Here are some advantages of our digital storefront screens:

Attract attention:

By using vivid and engaging visual content, digital storefront screens can capture the attention of potential customers. Moving images, videos and animations can help attract passers-by’s interest and motivate them to enter the store.

Flexibility and update:

Unlike static window displays, digital screens can be updated quickly and easily. Businesses can change their promotional messages, offers or promotions in real-time to keep up with current trends and needs. This allows for great flexibility and responsiveness.

Creativity and Presentation:

Digital shop window screens offer more possibilities for creative presentations of products and brands. By using engaging visual effects, music or interactive elements, businesses can create a memorable experience and reinforce their brand identity.

Targeted, time-based advertising:

With digital shop window screens you can direct your advertising messages to your target group. By placing content that targets specific customer segments or local events, businesses can leverage their advertising investments more effectively.

Time savings and efficiency:

Digital shop window screens make it possible to manage your advertising messages centrally and display them at several locations at the same time using management software or back office. This saves time that would normally be spent manually updating promotional materials in each store.

Interaction and engagement:

Of course, we can also offer digital shop window screens with interactive functions, i.e. with touchscreens that enable passers-by to interact with the displayed content. This can increase engagement and strengthen brand loyalty.

Measurability and analytics:

Our digital storefront screens also make it possible to collect and analyze data on the performance of your advertising campaigns and the click behavior of your customers. By By monitoring metrics such as the number of ad impressions, interaction rates or conversion rates, companies can measure the success of their marketing efforts and improve future strategies.


Digital shop window screens offer a modern and effective way for companies to present their advertising messages in an appealing way and to attract the attention of potential customers. They help improve the customer experience, strengthen brand exposure and ultimately increase sales.