We all know the problem in gastronomy that time is always short and yet tiresome, recurring routine activities have to be done by changing service staff. In our case, we offer a A piece of software that not only digitizes the notice or the showcase with the menu you can also print out your menus locally at any time and also publish them fully automatically on a website. This saves time, nerves and costs. There is also no more “How did that go again?”.


Digital menu software

Software for digital menus creates great added value. With the help of a digitized menu, your outdoor area becomes an eye-catcher!


What must digital menu software be able to do?

  • quick changes, just write the card and be up to date immediately
  • run stable and always be available packed in a weatherproof housing
  • Be easy to use, no frills, no extensive training
  • Presenting notices, promotions, menus with appetizing images
  • Of course, it must also advertise your gastronomy in an attractive way!

Those would be the essential basic functions! Changes are made digitally and automatically.



No more costs for advertising technology, printing, signs and spelling mistakes!
On the contrary, benefit from advertising partners and their cost sharing


Digital is today! All changes are effective immediately!


Our DIGITAL SIGNAGE SOFTWARE is absolutely stable, easy to use and can be used from anywhere. The KOMPASS digital signage software is effective, absolutely inexpensive and can be rented as a monthly service!

Here you can find more about the cost of your digital signage solution


Do you have one of our WEB pages or would you like one? Then you can also automatically update the prices, your lunch menu, your specials on your web page, your reception screen (digital stele), your advertising screen, your price table – and all that in one go – quickly and easily!

The combination with an information desk or a reception screen with touch operation is certainly also attractive. The whole house can then be presented interactively. You can present sights, and and and.

We certainly have the right digital concept and will implement it effectively with you!

Administration and price maintenance can of course also be done with a smartphone using the Joker APP.


Our digital menu display is definitely more than just a digital screen or display that is placed in a display case or on a wall to display menus and food offerings. In contrast to traditional static menus, a digital menu showcase enables the display of dynamic content. However, we solve the entire workflow from menu creation, printing, updating on your website and, for example, integrate your partners with logos and animations using an advertising partner concept.

Here are some benefits of a digital menu showcase:

Content update:

Our digital menu showcases offer the possibility to update food offers in real time. Changes in menus, prices or special offers can be made quickly and easily without having to exchange printed materials. Information such as free rooms, free places, specials, events and other special topics can also be solved digitally with the showcase.

Attractive presentation:

By using high-resolution screens, digital menu showcases can display attractively tasty visual content. With animated graphics, images and videos, dishes and drinks can be presented in an appetizing way to arouse the interest of your visitors and customers.

Flexibility and customization:

Our digital menu showcases offer the possibility to adapt the design, colors and fonts of the menus to individual needs and brand image. You can change the appearance of the display to match the ambience of the restaurant – on a daily, weekly or seasonal basis.

Cross Selling and Upselling:

By using digital menu showcases, our hotels and restaurants can use targeted cross-selling and upselling strategies. Additional dishes, recommendations, special offers and available rooms can be visually highlighted to encourage customers to order more or add additional dishes.

Reduction of errors:

Because digital menu showcases update content automatically, they reduce the risk of errors or outdated information. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and increases customer satisfaction. The creation and maintenance of the menu, the weekly or daily menu is so easy that it can also be done by untrained staff.

Environmental friendliness:

Our energy-saving digital menu display cases help to reduce paper and printing costs. They eliminate the need for printed menus, helping to reduce waste and encourage greener business practices.

Interaction and customer retention:

In our concept, we also envisage digital menu showcases with interactive functions such as touchscreens or QR code concepts. Passers-by, visitors and customers can get more information about dishes, read reviews or even make reservations. This encourages customer interaction and improves loyalty to the restaurant.


Digital menu showcases offer hotels, restaurants and takeaways the opportunity to present their food offerings in an appealing and flexible way. They enable easy updating of content, attractive visual presentations and improved communication with customers.